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Ponta da Ilha Lighthouse

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Built in 1946, this lighthouse is located in Manhenha, parish of Piedade, municipality of Lajes do Pico, and is notable for its U-shaped construction with a tower in the center.

Its architectural and scientific complex are other great highlights of this one that is the biggest and most emblematic lighthouse of Pico, besides being one of the most recent of all the archipelago, functioning since 21 of July of 1946.

The tower of the lighthouse has 19 meters of height and in its structure there is a housing destined to the lighthouse keepers. Its range is 22 miles (44.5km) and three white flashes are emitted every 15 seconds.

The landscape is spectacular and fascinating, from the tower you can see the sea to the north and south of Pico, as well as the Island of St. George and part of Terceira Island, on days of greater visibility.

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