São Jorge

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The green, the vast green of the pastures that cover the valleys and mountains in an infinite riot of tones, the small patches of tilled land near the sea – the fajãs as they are known – at the foot of cliffs that plunge into the sea, the views out over the island of Pico with its towering mountain. These are all part of the natural backdrop to São Jorge.

Here and there, the small factories where you can see how the thick, creamy cows’ milk is transformed into the huge cheeses that have made the island famous, and which make the perfect starting point for any meal.

Exploring São Jorge is a voyage of discovery. The charming scenery that can take us right back to a primitive world. The woollen quilts woven on wooden looms, replicating patterns handed down through generations. On leaving, the wish to return and encounter once again the tranquillity that is to be found on this great ship of rock permanently anchored in the middle of the blue sea.