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Flores is nature in all its primitive exuberance, a rainbow of countless flowers dusts the whole island in colour, a garden encompassed by the sea. In the blue mirror of seven lakes that glitter like jewels set in the surrounding green. In the constant murmur of waterfalls that leap from high mountainsides down towards the sea.

Flores’ beautiful countryside tempts you onto pleasant walks. And to take in, too, the horizons of land and sea, the singing birds, the varied flora.

Dive into a sea rich in fish swimming between multicoloured rocks, swim in pools dug out of the lava by the sea and amble through the towns of Santa Cruz and Lajes, which date back to the 15th Century, the picturesque villages, like Fajãzinha, Fazenda das Lajes and others, nestled at the bottom of valleys or perched on top of cliffs.

Active or laid back, your holidays on Flores will certainly be reinvigorating. Because the whole island invites us to get back to nature.