São Miguel

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São Miguel, the largest island, prides itself on its green, flower-carpeted scenery, on its beautiful, broad lakes, on the bustling life of Ponta Delgada. Perched panoramically over a large inlet,Ponta Delgada is the tourist heart of São Miguel. Museums, churches and palaces that safeguard historic and artistic treasures, streets steeped in history that run by hotels, restaurants and shops. And, when the sun goes down, bright lights and entertainment for night owls.

Golf, tennis, walks, bike scrambles and horse rides, or just hours soaking up the sun or lying on the beach. All facets of a holiday centre for those that love culture, sports… or just engaging with nature.

The numerous lakes will capture your heart and craft visual poetry. Vale das Furnas, luxuriant garden at the bottom of the vast crater, where hot water streams bubble and gush. Inland, the idyllic Terra Nostra Park where exotic tropical species mix happily with those from colder climes. The boiling steam from the Calderas remind us of the island’s volcanic origins.

visit to the only pineapple and tea plantations in Europe, all the charm of patchwork landscapes made up of pastures dotted with placid brindled cattle, dense groves of trees, flowers, so many flowers, and sweeping views over sea and land. Ribeira Grande, Lagoa, Nordeste, Povoação clusters of white houses framed by the blue of the sea, add to this Vila Franca do Campo, the island’s first capital. All of these are must-stops on any tour aimed at getting to know the island, its heritage and its history.

Activity holidays to suit every taste.
Golf courses amidst the flowers. Trails for bird-watching, for discovering indigenous plants and exploring volcanic phenomena. Diving amongst the fish in underwater landscapes made of lava. Marinas that welcome yachts from Europe and the Americas. The thrill of watching giant cetaceans and darting dolphins. Beaches of dark sand beckon visitors to spend playful hours in a sea warmed by the Gulf Stream, or to face up to the challenge of the waves on surfboards and windsurfers. Tennis, sailing and deep sea sports fishing are some of the activities S. Miguel offers to those who wish to live their holidays to the full.

The pleasures of shopping and the pleasures of the table.
Ceramics decorated in the blue of Lagoa. The picturesque earthenware of the potters of Vila Franca do Campo. The delicate embroidery, the decorative wickerwork. Treasures of craftwork that keep alive centuries old traditions, and which make the best possible mementos of São Miguel.
Who could forget the unique flavour of the delicious Furnas stew, prepared in volcanic calderas? Or the fresh fish and seafood, the tender meat that is simply grilled, or lovingly prepared from age-old recipes? Appetising courses that give way to the sweet perfumed pineapple, the traditional convent sweetmeats, the passion-fruit liqueur. Each and every meal an indelible memory.