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To visit Pico is to enter a small world that has been constructed over the centuries by whales, farmers and fisher folk. It is a true paradise for nature lovers.
On the mountain that rises from the sea and touches the clouds. In the epic struggles between fragile whalers and the powerful sperm whales over the precious oil. Today’s Pico has recaptured whaling in its more pacific form, in two museums that tell the story of whaling and exhibit the delicate art forms that are the pieces made by sailors from the teeth and bones of the sperm whale.

Dotted along the coastline, nestling between the fresh green of the vegetation and that of the labyrinthine vineyards, today classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the settlements of Pico have a character that is all their own. Stamped by the mark of the houses built out of dark blocks of lava.

The wine from these Pico vines has reached the tables of kings and czars, and continues to be produced to delight the taste buds. One or more bottles of this lava-born wine is the best possible way to remind yourself of the dream that was a holiday on Pico. To this can be added miniature canoes and farming utensils, works in whale bone, fine lace woven in deft women’s hands.