Guide of the Azores – What to visit, what to eat and where sleep

Activity Holidays

Lovers of activity holidays will find the Azores to be an exceptional natural playground, complemented by the full provision of equipment and services required for their favourite sports.

Golf courses, tennis courts, horse-riding, cycling, scooters and all-terrain vehicle rides, plus mountaineering, walking, potholing and paragliding all contribute to an exciting stayin the Azores.

The sea is crucial to life and sport in the Azores.Yachts from all over the world stop over in the marinas of Faial, São Miguel andTerceira, in order to visit the other islands or during an Atlantic crossing. If you want to explore the islands from the sea, you can take a boat-tour or hire a motor or sailboat, with or without a crew. Diving, linefishing, surfing and windsurfing are also on offer.(