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Corvo, a curious miniature island, has a beautiful large caldera at its centre.

The clusters of white houses along a ravine by the sea. The blue-water lakes at the bottom of a wide crater. The green of the landscape. The population who live according to centuries-old traditions, that take us back to an almost-forgotten world that isolation has preserved.

If you only have a few hours, you can get to know Corvo by walking down the town’s few streets taking in the houses with their coloured window-frames. Visit the single church that safeguards a precious 16th Century Flemish image. Climb Mount Gordo to gaze down on the islet-pierced lakes that lie at the bottom of the Caldera. Rapture over the sea-bounded horizons, the nearby mass of the island of Flores.

Those who would like to get to know its people a little better should stay two or three days, or even a week. And then, you can go home, full of the serenity that comes from partaking of the simple life of a small community, an experience that will remain with you forever.